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By Arcman Durosier

Shea Butter is a rich emollient moisturizer derived from karite` nut trees in West Africa. For centuries it has been favored as the precious "liquid gold" on the continent. Unrefined Shea Butter possesses amazing healing properties when it comes to scrapes, rashes, & eczema. Before there was petroleum jelly there was Shea butter!

Aside from it being great skin treatment, Shea Butter has long been a key ingredient to numerous hair treatments. It has become a recognizable ingredient to people all over the world, so beauty companies make sure to incorporate this exotic butter in their creations in hopes to attract customers. Of course this is not a bad thing when it comes to providing quality products with beneficial ingredients, but with Shea butter being the headliner it leaves little notice to the other beneficial butters out there.

When you’re not using Shea Butter consider using butters like Cocoa Butter & Mango Butter. Whether you use them in their raw form or you use products with them as ingredients, you’ll find that they do wonders for the hair & skin.

  • Cocoa Butter is not only the secret to gradually fading stretch marks, but because of it reparative you can revert damage to hair from the effects of heat styling, color treating, and tension styling. Another alluring thing about Cocoa Butter it’s natural chocolate aroma considering that it derives from the actual cocoa bean that chocolate is produced from
  • Mango Butter is actually similar in texture as Shea Butter and has the same great uses. The notable advantage to using Mango Butter instead is that it is not derived from a nut. For those who have nut allergies, this can ensure that you use a rich emollient butter without the allergic reaction.

Here are 3 Bel Nouvo hair products that contain these alternative butters. All of these products can be found on www.belnouvo.com. 

Creamy Castor Deep Conditioner Is made with intensely moisturizing Mango Butter as an alternative to Shea Butter. This deep conditioner is also Protein Free, Cruelty Free, & Vegan Approved!

Hair Recovery Fortifying Protein Masque Is made with 100% Raw Cocoa Butter to add a lush touch of moisture, restore damaged/over processed hair. This luxurious protein masque is none like you've ever used before and is Free of Coconut, Shea, Cruelty, & is Vegan Approved! 

CoCo Castor Pudding Is also made with emollient & rich Mango Butter for moisturized wash-n-go or twist out style. It's been our #1 Best Selling products for years and is a great Shea Butter Free alternative to other products on the market. Not to mention that this product is also Protein Free, Cruelty Free, & Vegan Approved!


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  • Sheree on

    This was very informative! My hair does not react well to Shea Butter nor Coconut Oil, so I am very appreciative to learn about these other products I can use. Having used BelNouvo body products in the past I’m certain the 3 hair recommendations will be stellar as well. Thanks again for sharing this information.

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