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5 Tips to Maintaining Natural Hair While Traveling

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Travel is the new black! With such troubling times in the kingdom, the diaspora is practicing self-care by catching flights, not feelings.Travel blogs like Travel Noire, Black & Abroad, Passport Heavy, and The Haitian Nomad are giving the culture great ideas on how to spend their earned travel rewards.
With natural hair being a symbol of #BlackGirlMagic, no longer does one have to miss out on basking in crystal blue waters in fear of texture reversion or out of control edges. Although one doesn't have to worry about ruining that relaxer, there are some actions that can be taken to keep natural hair looking and feeling good. Besides, don't you want your ex-bae, co-workers, and coveted "haters" to gag over your selfies from Bali?

Here 5 Ways Maintain Natural Hair While Traveling

Protective Styles - No need to play game of crowns in trying to decide how to style your hair everyday during your trip. Take the easy way out and book that appointment to get your braids, faux locs, or sew-in. Protective styles are no fuss and can last you even after your trip.

Satin Bonnets & Scarves - Getting to Day 5 of that wash-n-go is like a dream come true. To retain that curl definition and moisture, make it your nightly ritual in that luxury hotel or villa to slap that satin bonnet or scarf on before you lay it down for the night.

Deep Conditioner - Now sis we don't want you missing out on excursions trying to have a full #WashDay, but there's nothing wrong with doing a quick conditioning session. The salt water and chlorine may strip your hair of moisture. Keep a travel size or one-use conditioning packet on hand. Apply the conditioner, put on a shower cap, let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse in the shower before you head out for more exploration.

Sprayable Hair Hydration - Sometimes you just need to refresh your tresses without disrupting your style. Transfer your favorite Bel Nouvo Beauty leave-in conditioner (Coco Castor Necatr, $14.99) into a travel size spray bottle and take it everywhere your curls go. Liquid hydration is great for most hair types and works well in every climate.

Multi-Use Butter - Shea, Cocoa, and Mango Butter are gifts from the Gods of Wakanda. With their multi-faceted benefits, they are an all-in-one way to add moisture, sheen, and protection for your hair + skin. Make your own blend with oils that work best for you and let the glow up commence!

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