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3 Conditioning Cocktail Ideas for #WashDay

3 Conditioning Cocktail Ideas for #WashDay

One of the best things you can do to keep your hair healthy & nourished is to deep condition. Deep conditioning is so key to replenishing moisture, promoting growth, and increasing manageability after styling and environmental exposure. A #WashDay is incomplete until your tresses have had a 30+ min. deep conditioning experience.

Healthy hair starts with clean hair first. After your hair is cleansed with a sulfate-free shampoo, like our Clarifying Black Soap, you're ready to apply the deep conditioner. Of course we recommend our Creamy Castor Moisturizing Deep Conditioner that's already handcrafted with naturally nourishing ingredients, but there are few ways to give it a boost.

Using our deep conditioner as a base, consider these 3 ideas to stir in and take your #WashDay experience to the next level.

Start by taking 2 tbsp. of Creamy Castor Deep Conditioner and placing into a separate container to cocktail. After mixing ingredients, apply cocktail according instructions on product label.

  • Organic Honey & Oil Blend- Adding 1 tbsp. of honey is a great way to get additional moisture retention in your hair. Adding 2 tsp. of an oil blend, like our Stimulating Scalp Serum, compliments the honey by infusing healing & nourishing oils for softer hair.
  • Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses & Olive Oil- Check in the back of your pantry and pull out the organic molasses you haven't used since the holiday season. Molasses is a great way to replenish your hair with nutrients, reduce breakage, add sheen & even help with grey hairs. To help cut the thickness of the molasses (1 tsp.) and make it easier to cocktail, add some Olive Oil (2 tbsp.) that's also rich in nutrients for healthy, strong, & glossier hair. 
  • Organic Cacao Powder & Grape Seed Oil- This mixture is a great restorative conditioning cocktail to improve manageability and softness, not to mention it smells divine. Mix 2 tsp. of the cacao powder with 1 tbsp. of the grape seed oil together first to form a silky paste. Then add mixture to the base conditioner and indulge your tresses.
We hope you'll try at least one of these three conditioning cocktails on your next #WashDay. If you do,please feel free to share your results with pictures using #BelNouvo or by commenting below.

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